Flight Management and Guidance System (FMGS)

Our FMGS consists of two FMGCs (Flight Management and Guidance Computer) each of them with a MCDU. Each FMGC calculates the flightplan on its own. In normal operation one FMGC is acting as "Master", the other one as "Slave".

Each FMGC gets the required input values from its MCDU and also from other systems like sensors. (e.g. Lat/long, altitude, speed, fuel quantity and much more).

With all this sensor data and the flightplan entered by the pilot via the MCDU, the FMGC is able to calculate predicitons for altitudes, time and fuel for all points. The result is displayed on various pages on the MCDU and also on the ND.

The FMGC will also insert "pseudo-waypoints" like "top of climb", "top of descend" or "DECEL"-waypoint. The Master FMGC also provides data for the autopilot required to control the aircraft in managed modes.

The FMGC also takes care about the tuning of navaids (automatically or manually by the pilot). Due to all those functions the FMGC is the core item of the A320 avionics system.